Klassly (Kids+Class+Family) is the future of education

07 Mar. 2021

KLassly is the future of education, because education is becoming a world where families and teachers work together to support and ensure that Learning never stops


School leaders who understand the value of their teachers know they need support.

After over a year and a half of hyper-functioning, the US is going to lose many great educators if we do not provide them with more supportive and efficient tools. 

“We will need to have some tough conversations about accountability and achievement and what it all means, especially when we’re looking at the substantial learning loss that is happening.” said Julia Martin, a keynote speaker at the 2021 Future of Education Technology Conference® and legislative director for the education-focused law firm, Brustein & Manasevit.

Teachers have tried to teach in school, in homes, virtually synchronously, asynchronously, transferring their curriculums to new formats, retraining themselves in tech tools, and creating new engaging projects while managing their personal lives in a pandemic. Families also have to support children with their learning, follow up and stay in contact with their teachers more than ever before. Relationships don’t appear out of thin air, they require commitment and hard work. Balancing these responsibilities with every other aspect of life, this has been a challenging time for everyone involved in education. “Educators have engaged in intense problem-solving to reduce inequities during these challenging times—such as by putting Wi-Fi hotspots on school buses.”(M. Zalaznick)

There is hope in what will remain from creative solutions post-pandemic. 

“I’m hopeful that … you will take the learning from this moment, from this event, and you will be a champion for system transformation in all the ways we were able to figure things out and get it right to include more and more students—especially those most deeply and disproportionately impacted,” said Lisa Williams, Future of Education Technology Conference® keynote speaker, Baltimore County Public Schools’ executive director of equity and cultural proficiency.

Even with all this commitment, there is an entire generation of these disproportionately impacted students falling behind due to covid related obstacles. In many cases, these students weren’t able to access school or receive the support they needed even before the pandemic. 

We are not here to cast blame or point fingers at whose fault it is. That dangerous cycle has happened throughout the pandemic and plagued social media. Teachers are superheroes one minute, and parents are the ones doing all the work the next. The focus is subjective.

The Klassroom company has focused for years before the pandemic on providing a solution that brings parents and teachers on the same page in an equitable and inclusive way. 

A platform that is free and easy for families to access, for which they need no training, strengthening the bond between teachers and families. The smooth communication results in the continued support for a childs education from anywhere.

Teachers who use this tool share what they do in class and find their work better appreciated by families, their value is recognized, families can keep track of what their child is studying and in turn can encourage and support it.

Teachers can guide families while they guide children and feel the support during classes. Teachers can update families and keep kids on track in real-time without it becoming a part time job in addition to their teaching responsibilities.

Early academic years are considered one of the most formative experiences for a child.

When additionally a child receives their education from a united front, at home and in school, it can only benefit them more.

We can create a world where teachers and families come together and reinforce each other's teachings and values. Educating the whole child, trusting teachers to do what they are professionally called and prepared to do.

That’s the progress we can truly hope for as we recover from the pandemic.

That’s the Klassly (Kids+Class+Family) app.


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